The Underground Empire, in our sense of the word, suggests operating clothing lines or independent brand names below the surface of mainstream shoppers; a state of community and populations who are culturally and artistically distinct from the traditional ruling class of products and styles.  We aim to solve a major business trade problem ignored by major search engines and B2B platforms. That is, help corporate buyers and independent sellers, large and small, to better find and connect with each other and their customer’s, facilitating purchasing agreements between and among them in volumes or individual purchases. With doing so also allows us to create much larger advertising budgets for those who miss opportunities on exposure due to limitations or budget constraints. 

We are building one of the largest dedicated website and business social network designed to help corporate buyers find suppliers for the products and services they need. Our networks span both local and global markets. We also help new and innovative sellers find target buyers for the products and services they supply. With this website and platform, we accelerate connections between company buyers and sellers and facilitate purchasing among them…


Alternation Clothing is a sub+urban = lifestyle company based in Long Island, New York.  Founded in 2006, Alternation Clothing represents the artist as a cultural influence in society.  
Art is a form of communication; a profound voice that needs to be seen and heard.  We believe in the artist, the poet, the dreamer, the seeker, the skater, the innovator, and anyone who has felt like an underdog.  We cherish the fight and acknowledge the scrapes and bruises that come with the territory.

Alternation clothing is a reflection of those who have the urge to create possibilities in their most weak and feeble moments.  Thus, champions are born. 
Shall we alter this nation?


Elm Company


ELM™ was founded by a group of individuals with with common interests connected through skate, snow, music, and art; distinct lifestyles that inevitably intersect and bring people together. Focused on the goal of creating something unique, the brand was built around the philosophy of “Rooted In Life”, meaning that as individuals, our lives are defined by the different interests and experiences we absorb. We draw inspiration from these influences and grow as people to inspire the lives of others. ELM™ has remained true to these ideals since the beginning, supporting influential athletes, artists and musicians all around the world and creating high quality, premium goods with an unmatched attention to detail, season after season, collection after collection.

Welcome to the ROOTED CREW.



At SECT we are inspired by subcultures. The energy from these communities of individuals who use passion and creativity to separate themselves from the masses, fuels our desire to provide quality wears to those who choose to live...Beyond The Box.

A grassroots, independent, design and print production force. We have our own line of indie clothing designs, and we design and produce apparel designs for other clients. We offer T-shirts, Hoody's, Track Jackets, Fitted and Fidel Caps, Polo Shirts, Sweaters and more!


Whether you are a consumer, underground or independent clothing company, Large or small retail front, or web based store. The Underground Empire is were to look for the newest and most innovative upcoming products on the market.

Feel free to browse our website, you can click on theUnderground and start looking at some of the many clothing lines that have already joined the Empire in the cause of the revolution.



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